Aside from the impact on your skin, dry air also contributes to those jarring static shocks that practically propels you across the room every time you touch your pet or grab a conductive object! Aside from the traditional central HVAC humidifier or room sized/table top humidifier, there are several other simple, low-cost actions to reach the target 35-45% humidity level in your home:

Use a traditional tea pot to boil water and quickly add humidity to your kitchens adjacent living space. Houseplants can help in adding humidity to your home. Plants continuously release moisture from their leaves and stems as vapor. This process is called transpiration and if you keep your plants watered, they will help regulate humidity levels inside your home. Place a metal or ceramic bowl on top of your floor register or a radiant heating unit. Depending on the current humidity levels in your home (and how much your heat is blasting) the water will evaporate into the air.

Finally, vent your clothes dryer inside instead of outside your home with a simple conversion kit. The moisture from drying your clothes will stay in the house and reduce heating costs by releasing the warm air into your home.