Current recommendations for return to athletic activity follows a 6-step program, beginning 3 days after the initial injury with a return to normal school routines and light to moderate activity such as fast walking or riding a stationary bike. If there are no symptoms associated with this initial step, then there is a progression to moderate aerobic activity to increase heart rate and head movement, such as jogging, or sports skill related drills. If your student remains symptom-free, there is a stepwise progression to heavy aerobic activity, full unrestricted practice and finally a return to competition. In general, this process takes approximately 2-3 weeks, but should be guided by the managing physician in concert with either the athletic trainer or team coach. It is important to note that if symptoms do reoccur, the process would be restarted and require reevaluation by a physician who is familiar with concussion recovery programs. Most importantly, it is critical to understand that injuries to the brain can take a long time to heal and the treatment and recovery plan should be guided by a health professional knowledgeable of these types of injuries.