While each flu season is highly unpredictable as to the time of onset or how severe it may be, the best recommendation is that you should get vaccinated against influenza as soon as possible, beginning in September. In some years the flu season can last all the way until late April or even early May. Influenza vaccine is recommended for all individuals aged 6 months and older. There is also a different vaccine recommended for individuals who are older than 65. For children under the age of six months who are not eligible for vaccination, it is best to discuss treatment options and prevention with your pediatrician. However, assuring that all members of the family and close relatives get vaccinated is a great first step in prevention. The flu vaccine is generally covered by most insurance plans although it’s always best to check with your specific plan to see what your coverage may be. The influenza vaccine is currently available from most primary care providers. We have an ample supply available at Lakes Urgent Care right now.