“By far, your safest way to experience Fourth of July 2020 is to remain with the same squad you’ve been with since the shelter in place order began” says Lakes Urgent Care medical director Dr. Sanford Vieder. “But if you are meeting with family and friends for the first time in several months, here are key tips to keep yourself and your family safe:

Do as much socializing as possible OUTSIDE because if present, the COVID-19 virus dissipates into the environment more quickly outdoors.

LIMIT THE SIZE of your group so that the outside area permits safe social distancing. Think about the outdoor space for your party and then how many people can safely attend.

If socializing indoors, always WEAR A MASK. This is to protect you and your guests.

Consider bringing your own food, beverages and disposable plates, cups, etc. This can reduce your risk.

Bring hand sanitizer and tissues for your pocket. It’s helpful if everyone has a tissue in their pocket, just in case.

Wash your hands often and/or use hand sanitizer often.

If possible, don’t use the restroom.

Help the host wipe down all “high touch” areas with disinfectant wipes.

And of course, if you or anyone in your family has COVID-19 symptoms, please STAY HOME!

Lakes Urgent Care (W. Bloomfield /Livonia) will be open 9am-6pm on Saturday, July 4th in case you need us.