Dr. Haidar Al-Saadi, Lakes Urgent Care Medical Director

Just like Christmas tree displays pop up in the stores before Halloween, free flu shot offer signs also show up a bit too soon. If you haven’t gotten your annual flu shot yet, you are right on schedule.

“October is really the ideal month to get your annual flu shot,” said Lakes Urgent Care Medical Director Dr. Haidar Al-Saadi. “That’s because it takes a few weeks for the vaccine to become effective and flu season typically begins in November as we all start to move all activities indoors, kids are back in school, and celebrate holidays together.”

Everyone six months and older is eligible and should get a flu shot every year. For adults 65 and older, Lakes Urgent Care has a special high-dose version of this year’s vaccine, available at both our West Bloomfield and Livonia locations. Walk in any time, no appointment needed.

“Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors and early indications about the flu season in Australia, this is shaping up to be a worse than normal flu season here in Southeast Michigan,” said Dr. Al-Saadi. “We encourage everyone to get their annual flu vaccine in addition to being up to date with the latest COVID vaccine booster.”

According to a recent article in Popular Science and other sources, there are a few clear-cut indicators that suggest we may be in for a rough flu season. Essentially, a bad flu season abroad and low US/Southeast Michigan vaccination rates for the flu are the reason why so many people are predicting that we may be in for a rough flu season.