Eric Rosenbaum, D.O.

Eric Rosenbaum, D.O.

Dr. Eric M. Rosenbaum, D.O., is our staff-certified FMCSA medical examiner for Department of Transportation Medical Examination (DOT Physicals) certification or re-certification at our West Bloomfield or Livonia locations.

Call (248) 668-0900 to schedule your appointment. To save time, complete this registration form and bring it to your appointment:

DOT Medical Exam Form


The exam consists of a complete physical exam, urinalysis, audiogram, and vision testing compliant with FMCSA regulations.

For some individuals, additional testing may be required, and Lakes Urgent Care is equipped to provide an EKG, PFT, and X-ray when needed.

Exam cost is $100. If additional testing is necessary, it may be billed to your health insurance. All certified drivers receive a full-size certificate and wallet-sized copy.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association requires all drivers to be medically certified by a Certified Medical Examiner (CME). For more information, visit: