Lakes Urgent Care now provides a comprehensive sports/camp physical that includes screening for cardiomyopathy and IHSS (enlarged heart) which is the most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young people.

Free Sports Physicals Every ThursdayWe now offer an echocardiogram for any student-athlete who desires screening for a family history of heart problems including cardiomyopathy (abnormal enlargement of the heart chambers). The echocardiogram is an excellent way to screen the heart for structural problems without using any radiation. It may also be recommended if your student has abnormal blood pressure, and abnormal EKG, or any other warning signs or symptoms. All information will be sent to the student-athlete’s primary care physician.

At Lakes Urgent Care, we screen for visual problems, kidney function and diabetes in addition to cardiovascular and pulmonary symptoms. It’s important that the student-athlete and parent provide honest responses to a series of questions meant to screen for potential heart ailments, including chest pain or discomfort with exertion, fainting spells, excessive fatigue or shortness of breath with activity.

The physical exam specifically looks at blood pressure, heart rate and assessment for heart murmurs or abnormal breath sounds. If the history or physical exam reveals any potential heart or lung issues, then we’ll recommend additional testing. Additional testing may also be required If there are other signs and symptoms suggesting a possible problem such as diabetes or kidney disease.

If additional testing is indicated, the clearance for participation may be delayed. Typically, additional tests for heart and lung symptoms may include a chest x-ray, EKG and possibly an echocardiogram (ultrasound exam of the heart).

Download the Michigan High School Athletic Association Physical Examination Clearance Form