According to a January 11th article in Crain’s Detroit, the current COVID-19 surge “is expected to peak in late January.” In addition to this latest COVID variant, we’re also dealing with metro Detroit’s usual cold and flu season.

And as reported recently in the Detroit News, “Experts say testing is the best way to determine what you have since symptoms of the illnesses can overlap. The viruses that cause colds, the flu and COVID-19 are spread the same way — through droplets from the nose and mouth of infected people. And they can all be spread before a person realizes they’re infected.”

Our Lakes Urgent Care staff is working hard to meet the extra service demand, and we appreciate your patience during this challenging time. If we can’t always answer the phone, it’s because our staff is busy helping patients. We are also dealing with staffing challenges at times, like many other service providers in our area.

All COVID testing is by appointment only at, but you don’t need an appointment for urgent care services.

Cold symptoms tend to be much less severe, but if you think you may have the flu or strep throat, we also offer a new test that can quickly diagnose the flu with nearly 100% accuracy and strep throat with 98% accuracy – a major advancement in testing accuracy.

You do not need an appointment for this test, and it takes about twenty minutes on-site, enabling a Lakes Urgent Care physician to make a fast, more confident, and reliable treatment decision while you are still in the office.

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