Plan ahead for delays, changes in weather or other emergencies. Place a small amount of your daily medications in a bottle for your carry-on bag that can take you through a two-day delay. Put your regular medication bottles with your checked baggage. Check the weather, consider that it may change, and bring clothes that allow for layering.

Make sure everyone stays adequately hydrated and drinks plenty of fluids each day, especially when traveling to warmer climates. Bring along plenty of hand sanitizer to reduce your exposure to contaminated surfaces. Also bring a travel package of sanitary wipes and clean commonly touched surfaces in your hotel room, like the TV remote. Finally, do your best to maintain regular sleep and exercise habits.

Bring good shoes for hiking and swim shoes for beach and water activities. Pack exercise clothes so that you can maintain your exercise routine in the hotel gym. If visiting somewhere with a high altitude, contact your physician for altitude sickness medication or see us at Lakes Urgent Care. Make sure that everyone is up to date on any needed vaccinations including the influenza vaccine.